GKA Transportbox R 302 Bak


  • Universal
  • Tillverkad av robust material
  • Låsbar
  • Mått: 390 x 969 x 543mm
  • Vikt: 8,4 KG
  • 80L

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ATV BOX GKA R 302 is a compact and comfortable ATV BOX. In essence, it is an analogue of the ATV BOX GKA R 303 with a modified cover. Now it is supplemented with wicked handles, but the internal volume is reduced. Due to its design the ATV BOX GKA R 302 will be an adornment on your machinery. The narrowed bottom makes locating it on every trunk possible. The ATV BOX GKA R 302 is a good choice for a family vacation and trips.

– It is made of first class import high density polyethylene.
– A backrest in the set.
– Rubber sealant profile D makes the ATV Box hermetic.
– Metal locks with keys.
– Two red reflectors on the back part of the ATV Box.
– Universal adjusting mounting set of the U-form is easily installed.