Stylmartin Sko Navajo Vattentät svart


NAVAJO WP boots stand out instantly for their eye-catching design, sturdiness and numerous details that make them unique and inimitable. The new motorcycle touring boots are in fact made from high-quality black full-grain leather, treated w???????ith oil for improved resistance, that gives them a solid, textured look.

Totally waterproof, the NAVAJO WP is halfway between a touring and an off-road boot, thanks to its aomic, anti-shock internal padding, ankle bone protection on both sides, branded shin guard in PU and gear shift pad. Safety, EN 13634:2017 certified and guaranteed by Stylmartin, is also ensured by the special sole in 100% rubber, specifically designed with a customised pattern. This is both non-slip and self-cleaning, thanks to the special tread with staggered lug pattern that stops earth and mud from sticking, to give maximum grip on any surface.

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